Meet MEET Las Vegas

There is only one word to describe MEET Las Vegas; GENIUS!! MEET Las Vegas is a meeting and event venue that is “designed to make anything possible”…. and they truly do! MEET Las Vegas was designed by Meeting and Event Professionals and it shows! Branding possibilities are endless and every inch of the property was thought of in planning events. This past week I had the pleasure of getting the grand tour.

MEET is a boutique event and exhibition venue with 3 floors of customizable meeting space that includes an outdoor pavilion, a main showroom, meeting rooms, executive training centers, and even classrooms equipped with computers.

Starting from the outside of the building it has MAJOR appeal to my fellow event planners. The most unique and impressive exterior feature is the ability to change the color of the lights for an ultimate branding impact.

An outdoor, tentable, pavilion totaling 2,775 square feet is perfect for an outdoor event venue. Complete, of course, with power source! There are three main entries to the building including a separate entrance for your VIP’s and a keyed access options. The exterior is also camera secured and gated with ample parking available along with valet service.

The first floor is a contemporary space, with smooth white walls and finished concert floors, ideal for customization. The “Premium Event Space” totals 4,165 square feet. There is programmable color changing lighting with the ability to uniformly wash a space with one or several colors.

When viewing the space for myself there was a plated dinner in progress which only showcased the endless possibilities of the space. As a guest walking into the space, it was evident the company’s presence and branding throughout the event along with the elegant decor. My breath was taken away by how upscale this event was in a meeting space and the dorky meeting planner inside was even more excited to hear the details of the rigging points, that there is electric connectivity every 10 feet and a full onsite banquet kitchen.

he second floor consists of a large wrap around foyer, perfect for reception or lounge space, and three ballrooms that can open up and total 2,812 square feet. Upon reaching the second floor there is a wall of 9 customizable LCD monitors. There is customizable digital signage displays at each door, the walls were made for custom printed wall skin signage, and there are 4 alcoves specifically for experimental design, product displays or live models.

Being a corporate meeting planner, the third floor is my favorite! The third floor is considered to be the Executive Training Center. The lobby of the third floor holds a concierge desk that comes with a concierge dedicated to your event. There are 2 multimedia training rooms equipped with computers and instructor stations. There are 2 board rooms with built in video conferencing, LCD screen, projector, and drop down screens. As a wonderful bonus, there is an executive amenities and refreshment center and a warming kitchen.

MEET Las Vegas is one of the greatest meeting spaces we have in the city. You can tell that it was designed by Meeting and Event Professionals. Everything you can think of has already been taken into consideration; load-in and out, power, rigging, catering, decor and most importantly BRANDING. To make it even more appealing, the venue is downtown and off the strip. The view is phenomenal of the infamous Fremont Street which exposes out-of-town attendees to a whole different Vegas experience than they are used to. They are exposed to the culture that so few tourists get to see.

MEET Specs:

  • First Floor: 5,371 sq ft, 615 ppl
  • Second Floor: 2,782 sq ft, 397 ppl
  • Third Floor: 1,828 sq ft, 348 ppl
  • Classrooms: 22 ppl each
  • Boardrooms: 24 ppl each
  • Pavilion: 2,775 sq ft, 400 ppl
  • Website

Place on 7th

I recently fell in love with the Place on 7th; it is a beautiful indoor/ outdoor venue with a built-in bar and outdoor stage. It is great flexible space perfect for events raging from corporate meetings to concerts, luncheons to plated dinner service. It is the a perfect example of how downtown is being revitalized. A perfect little shot of life right in the center of DTLV!

Venue Kudos: The main room opens up so your guests can have a full indoor/ outdoor experience. A live band can perform on the stage outside and remain visible while guests mix, mingle and flow between the spaces. Genius! AND the Place on 7th gives a nod to its historical Vegas roots.

  • Indoor Square Feet: 3000
  • Outdoor Square Feet: 8500
  • Theater: 800 ppl
  • Classroom: 570 ppl
  • Rounds: 700 ppl
  • Reception: 800 ppl
  • Email: events@downtownproject.com
  • Website

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum is the perfect venue for those looking for a unforgettable Las Vegas experience. With both a vintage and modern flair the Neon Museum is a historical institution dedicated to the preservation and celebration of some of the city’s most distinctive architectural landmarks as well as a venue for your special event. This venue is great for those looking for a Las Vegas themed event but are sick of the typical casino and showgirl theme.

Venue Kudos: Without a doubt the amazing backdrop is the best part about this venue. The pictures you will get from this venue will be breathtaking, great for your online posts and future marketing! You should take advantage and get pictures and video for future marketing campaigns!

  • Multiple event location options
  • Max Guest Capacity: 500 ppl
  • Options of exclusive caterers
  • Email: events@neonmuseum.org
  • Website

Gold Spike

Gold Spike has become a local hotspot and a true gem in downtown Las Vegas. Gold Spike has a wonderfully fun atmosphere complete with darts, pool, beer pong, corn hole, jenga, 4 square, hop scotch and more! This venue is perfect if you want your guests to have fun and kick back. With all the activities, there is no need for any additional entertainment. Just order some food and keep drinks flowing and you have the perfect event!

Venue Kudos: You are able to rent out different sections of the venue depending on your needs or size of event. I LOVE the small house called “the mansion”. It is perfect for your VIP’s or to even hold smaller exclusive events. It is sectioned off with a small picket fence and has an intimate setting for socializing yet enough room for food and beverage setup.

  • Indoor Square Feet: 5324
  • Outdoor Square Feet: 24825
  • Theater: 1838
  • Classroom: 265
  • Rounds: 1800
  • Reception: 2003
  • Email: events@downtownproject.com
  • website

Oasis at Gold Spike

Looking for an intimate poolside venue? This venue is PERFECT! Oasis at Gold Spike is a boutique hotel in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. With contemporary style that pays homage to its mid-century roots, this urban hotel is an oasis of cool in the hottest part of the city.

Venue Kudos: Catering kitchen onsite, newly renovated rooms and located next to Gold Spike. A kitchen onsite which is ideal for throwing a successful event! Hold a day party and once the sun sets your guests can continue the party next door or head up to their cool room to relax.

  • Outdoor Square Feet: 2500
  • Rounds: 145
  • Reception: 165
  • Email: events@downtownproject.com
  • Website

Park on Freemont

Park on Fremont spruces up Downtown Las Vegas with its 5,000-squarefoot gastropub offering amazing bar fare and an eclectic art collection, with a laid-back area for dining indoors and antique tables in a lush garden outdoors. The patio looks like it was plucked from a rural setting and transplanted into the middle of downtown unlike anything in Las Vegas. A beautifully cool and eclectic location for your next event!

Venue Kudos: Hands down, the atmosphere is the best thing this venue has to offer. When sitting in the backyard garden you can lookup and see the neon signage and buildings that make up Downtown Las Vegas.